Invitation to GIBS 2018

Dear Doctor,

Greetings from Global Interstitial Cystitis, Bladder Pain Society (GIBS)!

The years *2016 & 2017* were the foundation years for GIBS, and we believe that we have built up a sizeable momentum on the fundamentals of the subject of IC/BPS in these two years. We would like to thank you all for your active involvement & participation, without which these events wouldn’t have been so successful!

Moving forward to the next level, it’s time to gear up & think beyond what is evident today and to deliberate on new & challenging aspects of this clinical entity at another level. Keeping this in mind, we are now coming up with a bouquet of new ideas and theme for the next year of GIBS.

We are delighted to announce the dates for the next annual scientific bonanza on the subject of Interstitial Cystitis /Bladder Pain Syndrome to be held in *Mumbai* during 1st and 2nd September 2018. The theme of the next GIBS conference would be “IC/BPS-On the Horizon’’.

*Special session on Neurological Impact of IC/BPS from eminent international faculty

We welcome you to participate in next scientific level of IC/BPS.

Limited seats are available, and due to the growing popularity of GIBS, you can register early to ensure your participation by filling out the form below.

Looking forward for your presence.

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